Give to Kids Tees by Kwik Give to Kids Foundation

Kwik Tees 2-Medium from kim schwarzkopf on Vimeo.

In the Spring of 2013, my friend Pamela asked me to help her with closure. She wanted to close the foundation, Give to Kids, that was started in her son’s honor back in 2001. Scott Stamnes was a good friend, skateboarder, snowboarder, artist and fisherman. In 2000, on a trip in Europe, he was hit by a teenage driver. Our community was devastated and have been grieving for years. When Pam asked me to help with the closure, I knew I could help. I’ve worked hard to go through the grieving process in my own life, so I felt like I had the strength to do something. We went through his archived treasures of our snow and skate community and I chose a pile of tee shirts. I wanted to get them back out into the world. I worked with my friend, designer Ann Marie Ortiz, and her amazing patterns for Kwik tees to make a line of little tees to get back into the world. We chose the 2-3 big tees for each little tee, along with the thread color (yellow- Scott’s favorite color) and added a little hood- because who doesn’t like a hoody? We were going to sell them at a Garage Sale/ Swap Meet kind of party and donate all the proceeds to different kid’s programs, but plans changed. Give to Kids found the closure it was looking for. We still have the Give to Kids Tees. I hope to connect with our community and see how we can best put these out there for the world to enjoy.